The platform of GreenSSLM2 offers an integration of services aiming to cover the needs and interests of the end user, whether that being a local authority managing a region, a research ground and/or non-governmental organizations studying and protecting a landscape or individuals working on agriculture, fishery and livestock aiming in developing their production. The Services of GreenSSLM2 upon the types of data and processing techniques available and the end-user's potential requirements are divided as following:

  • Geointelligence Mapping -Land Use/ Cover - With the aid of satellite technology and GIS applications, it becomes easy to design and maintain efficient cartography. Land use/cover records are of special importance to authorities, as they provide a concise insight to the development and changes of an area, socio-economic levels and potential unauthorized actions, while they also serve as a basic parameter to be considered on roads construction. In a nutshell, it generates an overall interpretation of the area's division.

  • Security and Safety -High resolution space data that allow constant surveillance of facilities as well as analytic data that can detect upcoming hazards . It is worth noting that GreenSSLM2 offers a dedicated pre-, during and post-crisis support with in time data acquisition, crisis assessment and management (plus recovery plans).

  • Environmental management optimization - The dedicated holistic studies to understand environment to the level of climate recordings and burdening effects, while the priceless information acquired and manipulated by GreenSSLM2 is used to propose efficient reaction plans. This solution aims at the optimization of environmental monitoring and research and the augmentation of social and economic benefits.

  • Water management -All the above services applied, in this case, on water environments. Water monitoring has been defined as a separate category because the processing techniques applied in this case differentiate enough from those used in land coverage.

An innovative complex cloud based interface, offering valuable environmental solutions

GreenSSLM2 uses state of the art technology and design architecture to manage, store and process an complex big data, utilizing mainly space technology for data acquisition. GreenSSLM2 offers dedicated environmental practices with great advantages over traditional techniques.

An innovative holistic open platform, offering valuable environmental solutions

Monitoring and appreciating environmental statuses is a very challenging task, due to the amount and diversity of all the relevant interacting factors acting upon an ecosystem.

Optical & SAR sensors satelites monitoring Earth, night and day, providing resolution imagery.
Everyday satelites collect climate recordings of surface and atmosphere chemistry.
A long and detailed collection of statistics and area classification reports upon the area.
A feedback of the data acquired bu the system, in the form of statistic parameter slr respective means, mean deviation, etcl and history.

Valuable, carefully selected, information for the most concrete environmental studies

GreenSSLM2 manages a vast variety and quantity of space data in order to calculate a set of indicating parameters, as these are evaluated to be catalytic in the alterations and preservations of an ecosystem's status and also serve as representative identities of a area's current status.

Delivering holistic reports and optimized land use solutions

GreenSSLM2 offers constant remote sensing monitoring and runs a combination of multiple algorithmic models, the results of which are analytically studied by environmental experts to deliver solutions which improve environmental theory and monitoring, human and wildlife co-existence and vegetation growth.