As urban life is spreading, it becomes essential to measure the impact of the human activities on the environment as well as the possibility of having an inhibited area under crisis, which burdens human health.


GreenSSLM2 a new generation holistic platform can monitor wide areas of any surface and detect possible malicious changes and effects.
Substantial benefit: better land use practices and understanding of the environmental status across time can help users detect the reasons causing wildlife becoming distinct.
GreenSSLM2 manages a big data geointelligence platform of climate and other records which are studied and appreciated by environmental protection experts, offering valuable insights to the society.
GreenSSLM2 is a new generation space based open platform based on 8 years successful implementation and experience of GreenSSLM.


Carrying valuable experience on satellite and other remote sensing applications and also on geointelligence and big data systems, Aratos Space presents an innovative environmental platform, designed to monitor, assess and manage natural landscapes across a variety of interacting factors. Aratos Space already delivered many Earth Observation solutions for the society and providing in time detection of hazardous situations.


GreenSSLM2, based on the knowledge gained from different smart applications, constitutes a continuously monitoring interface able to process and evaluate complex environmental factors which characterize the holistic status of the area. Such factors are associated with indicators describing the health or crisis levels in land, air and water areas of a wider landscape. They can inform us on the potential hazards (natural or human-caused) the area may suffers from. On the way all these factors interact and affect the ecosystem under study, as well as the populations residing within, and finally indicate proper methods for land use optimization.

Examples of GreenSSLM Tools